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You will be tested for a variety of allergens including; dust mites, tree pollen, grass and...

Our Health Care Providers and staff are committed to providing excellent medical care to our patients. We pride ourselves with treating all patients with respect, dignity, and compassion. Our physicians and professional medical staff consists of Family Physicians, Internal Medicine Physicians, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. We have male and female doctors as well as Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. Our Physicians treat patients from 5 years old and up. We are currently accepting new patients.

At ASSOCIATED FAMILY PHYSICIANS OF BOCA RATON, P.L. we offer a wide range of services including lab services, immunizations, injections, ICG testing, electrocardiograms, gynecological services, minor surgery, peripheral vascular screening, etc. Our Health Care Providers take special pride in the fact that they strongly believe in Preventative Medicine.

Great News!  Associated Family Physicians of Boca Raton, P.L.  has added a new service to our practice .

Allergy Testing And Immunotherapy

Exciting News! Associated Family Physicians is now offering a free service where patients can request appointments, request referrals, prescriptions refills, ask billing questions and the most exciting news is patients can now access their medical information including lab results. This will be very beneficial for the continuity of your healthcare with other Physicians or Facilities. “AFP Patient Portal” click this link you will be directed to our Secure Patient Portal. On our Secure Portal in the upper left side click the register button.  Enter all pertinent information. The next step on the upper left side click the "Verify My Identity" button. Then select appropriate option.  Follow the screen prompts.  

We have an in office Allergy Lab to help our patients in need of Allergy testing as well as immunotherapy. Allergy Skin Testing will identify the specific allergens (tree, grass, weed pollen, dust, mold spores, and animals) you are allergic to. There are several food panels we can test our patients for a variety of food allergies. Please go to the "service" tab on this website for additional information or discuss with your health provider on your next visit.

What is allergy skin testing?


There are 2 different techniques that will be used. The first is “scratch testing” 

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What am I

being tested for?

How is allergy skin

testing performed?

Patients who are allergic frequently experience "allergy symptoms" such as stuffy/runny nose,

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